To lease your property

To lease your property, we operate as follows:

  • We produce a description with photographs of your property: we measure all the rooms, describe the materials used, etc. and set the rent in agreement with you.
  • Extensive publicity: in agreement with you, we post a “property to let” sign on your property, advertise your property on the usual real estate websites, our own website and, if desired, place an ad in the local press (Rondom, De Streekkrant, De Serrist…)
  • We keep you up to speed on visits and reactions.
  • Thorough screening of potential tenants: on the basis of pay slips and our intuition we try to find you the most suitable tenant.
  • We draw up the lease and make sure that both you and the tenant sign the lease at our office so that you can become acquainted with your tenant.
  • If desired, we contact an expert to compile and inventory of fixtures and fittings and an energy expert to produce a Building Energy Rating (BER) cert, which is a mandatory requirement.
  • We register the lease as soon as it has been signed.
  • Obviously, we remain at your disposal for any advice and help you may need during the lease.
  • For renting your property we always work on a non exclusive base and our commission = 1 month rent + 21% VAT !

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